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Automate Billing with Pickspace and QuickBooks Online

Integration overview

Pickspace’s management platform enables Coworking Spaces and Serviced Offices handle all business-critical processes in a flexible workspace, including Billing. The system’s tight integration with Memberships, Bookings, and Ad-hoc purchases help space operators save time by allowing them to issue correct invoices with 1 click, do monthly bill-runs for all members of the space and send payment notifications if a charge fails.

Pickspace’s integration with QuickBooks enhance those capabilities by automating the collaboration between the two systems and allowing space operators to use one system to run the billing of their whole space while taking advantage of the advanced functionality of a real accounting system.

Once the integration is active, the following process occurs instantly and automatically if an Invoice is generated in Pickspace:

  • Pickspace ends to QuickBooks all necessary data it needs to create an invoice

  • QuickBooks uses its own Invoice template to create the invoice

  • QuickBooks populate the invoice with the next available invoice number

  • QuickBooks send the invoice to Pickspace

  • Pickspace take the QuickBooks invoice and sends it to the respective company/member’s email and attach it to their profile in the Member’s Portal

  • If the invoice is marked as paid (manually or automatically), Pickspace goes to QuickBooks in real-time and mark it as paid there as well

  • If the invoice is marked as paid in QuickBooks, Pickspace is pinged in real-time to mark the invoice as paid

As a result, your accounting is 100% automated and your invoices are always up-to-date both in QuickBooks and Pickspace.

Why this feature is important for your business 

Sync Your Account Recordings
  • Ensure that your accounting data is always up-to-date through a real-time, two-way communication enabled by the integration.

Work In One Place
  • Use Pickspace to define and execute your whole billing and to distribute all QuickBook invoices to your members.

Stop Doing Manual Work
Save time and effort by providing QuickBooks with all the data it needs to issue invoices automatically.
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Toot Shani

Managing Partner Sarona Space

Best-in-class app, I can easily connect with my members with a beautiful interface

Romain Levy

CEO & Co-Founder Urban Place

Invoicing and member payments were never so easy

Nir Kelner


I was impressed with the seamlessly on-boarding and the top-notch customer service. Thanks!




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