Contracts and Memberships
Keep Track of Memberships

Keep Track of Memberships

  • Create and Manage memberships related to a service or any physical resource.

  • Easily filter new movers and companies/members scheduled to leave within a given month.

  • Run reports on memberships including average length stay, churn, and more.

Why this feature is important for your business 

Pick From a Full-range of Contract Types
  • Membership Agreements offer more flexibility and allow you to sign a contract without having to specify an exact resource, allowing you to relocate people and companies if necessary.

  • License Agreements are the typical, more structured private office agreements that specify which office will be occupied.

  • Lease Agreement – the traditional lease or tenancy agreement that is appropriate for long-term leases.

  • Add a variety of additional services to any contract type.

Customizable Contract Templates
  • Customize the layout of your contract according to the needs of your business.

  • Align the look and feel of the contract with all member communication to ensure the consistency of your brand experience.

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Advanced Contract Management
  • Manage and report on the complete lifecycle of your contracts. See the history of an account and which agreements are new, renewed, pending or terminated.

  • Configure stepped deals and automatically raise the price of an agreement over time.

  • Set rules and approval workflows that apply to all contracts or kick-in under specific conditions such as the amount of a discount, additional clauses added, and more.

  • Get prompt notifications when a contract’s notice period is approaching so you can improve the rate of your renewals.

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Best-in-class app, I can easily connect with my members with a beautiful interface

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Invoicing and member payments were never so easy

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I was impressed with the seamlessly on-boarding and the top-notch customer service. Thanks!




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